A great mix can take a good recording and make it fantastic!

As well as mixing most of the records he produces, Daniel J. Logan can take a track recorded elsewhere and mix it for you. Using a combination of carefully collected analogue equipment and digital plugins, Dan takes a hybrid approach to mixing. Having the flexibility of a digital platform as well as his select vintage analogue gear (from manufactures such as SSL, DBX, Altec and Ampex as well as some more eccentric pieces such as an old Shure compressor and a hand-built vintage spring reverb unit), allows Dan to be creative in his approach and bring out the very best sound from the recordings.

‘Just perfect!!!! Every time a mix arrives I get that Christmas Day feeling…!’
Sadie Pickering

As well as receiving tracks from studios, Dan is also often asked to mix songs that have been recorded elsewhere. Be these from bedroom studios or the infamous Narrowboat Sessions (That he does the album mixes for), Dan is experienced in creating the great mixes from multitracks and stems that have been recorded in less-than-ideal locations and circumstances.  These projects require a certain skill and meticulous process to pull the best sound from the recordings and many artists have trusted Dan to work for them this way.

‘You legend!… Great mixing work!’
Captain Stingray’s Groove Machine

Some snaps from the scrapbook…!


 Ashley Fayth – Don’t Weigh The Anchor – Live

Thea Gilmore – You’re The Radio – Live at Fairports’ Cropredy Convention

Alex Green – Something Better – Official Video

Thea Gilmore – That’ll Be Christmas – Official Video

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