Other Work…

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Dan has worked with the award-winning Radio Static team since 2012 as sound designer and recording/mix engineer on projects including The Minister of Chance, Fantastica Zink and the current series; The Light of September.

Joining the team midway through the Minister of chance audio series as mix engineer, Dan has worked closely ever since with writer/director Dan Freeman (ex BBC Radio 4 and Dr. Who) to finish the podcast series (which went on to win a Parsec Award in 2013) and then remix the earlier episodes for a CD release in 2015. The Dans then created ‘The Light of September’ where Dan Logan designed, recorded and mixed the all the audio.

Recorded at RADA’s studios in London and Orchard Studios in Cheshire, as well as recordings in the US (Robert Picado – Star Trek) and Norway (Thørbjorn Harr – Vikings/Younger).

The Light of September also has voice performances from the likes of Sylvester McCoy (Dr. Who/ The Hobbit), Tamsin Greig (Episodes/Friday Night Dinner/Shaun of the Dead), Tuppence Middleton (Sense8/Dickensian/War & Peace) and is a darkly funny and gripping si-fi audio movie. Reviews may be found here: roguesportal.com

Current Audio Work – 2020:

Dan is designing a new audio series; ‘Last Night At The Ha-Ra’ details of which can be found here: https://billmagill.com

There will be a  new ‘Minister of Chance‘ announcement coming soon…

Dan recording with Tuppence Middleton and Tamsin Greig