As a session musician, producer, mix/recording engineer and sound designer, Dan has worked with all sorts of musicians, producers, engineers, actors and voice artists  including:

Thea Gilmore  /  Jackie Trent  /  Emily Maguire  /  Rod Clements (Lindesfarne)  /  Radio Static  /  Jim Kirkpatrick (FM)  /  Ashley Fayth  /  Nick Harper  /  The Manchester Show Choir  /  Gary Edward Jones  /  The Ladyboys of Bangkok  / Roy Martin  /  Tom Allen  /  Kristy Almeida  /  Nigel Stonier  /  Sam Plank  /  Antony Cotton (Coronation Street)  /  Jon Ranger  /  Sam Hollyman (The Voice:UK)  /  Tamsin Greig  /  Geins Family Giftshop / George Blagden  /  Gandey’s Circus  /  Ellie Dibben  /  Rie Sinclair  /  Tom Doughty  /  Sylvester McCoy   /  Mark Radcliffe  / Heidi Browne  /  Dave Fidler  /  Tom Seals  /  Mike Herron (The Incredible String Band)  / Ed Easton / Chris Drever /  Sam Plank  / Kate Cubley  /  Tuppence Middleton  /  Natasha Hamilton (Atomic Kitten)  / Mundo Jazz /  Stuart Fox  /  Verity Hilton (BBC Radio/Signal Radio)  /  The Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra  /  Conleth McGeary  /   Russell Cottier  /  Tim Gallagher (The Voice:UK)  /  Mike Cave  /  Jamster  /  Elfin Bow  /  Scott Ralph (Robbie Williams/Take That)  /  Dayve Dean  /  Tom Kitching  /  Sadie Pickering  /  Stuart Stevens  /  Jo O’Meara (S Club 7)  /   Gypsy River  /  Steve Butler (BJH/Cliff Richard)  /  Justin Johnson  /  John Altman (Eastenders)  /  Gandalf’s Fist  /  Warble Entertinment  / And many more …


Drum Kit / Percussion Audio Examples:

Track listing below




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Track listing for showreel: 1. I Will Not Disappoint You by Thea Gilmore (from the album “Regardless”); 2. Grimshaw & The Fingerclaw by Elfin Bow (from the album “Elfin Bow”); 3. Don’t Weigh The Anchor by Ashley Fayth (from the album “Take Back The Fire”); 4. Raincloud Man by Jon Coley (from the album “Raincloud Man”); 5. Automatic Blue by Thea Gilmore (from the album “Murphy’s Heart”); 6. Something Better by Alx Green (from the album “My Way Home”); 7. Crosstown Stranger by Angie Shaw (from the album “Head For Heights”); 8. Trains & Thunder by Chris Howarth (from the album “The Things That Might Have Been”); 9. Lover Take Me by Ashley Fayth (from the album “Take Back The Fire”); 10. I Believe by Jackie Trent (from the album “Diamond”); 11. Avignon by  Chris Howarth (from the album “The Things That Might Have Been”)