Production & Recording

‘Dan is a fantastic musician – intuitive, creative and a lovely person to be around. I really enjoyed playing my songs with him’
                                                                         Emily Maguire

Textures, soundscapes and emotive performances are what make songs come alive on record.
Daniel J. Logan works with artists and songwriters to pull together these elements, discover the essence of the composition, and create a recording that gets to the heart of the matter.

Great records begins with a great song, played well. Dan starts by sitting down with the songwriter to determine the arrangement, instrumentation and soundscape of the song. He then guides and encourages the musicians; bringing out the best performances.

Dan is inspired by the colours and textures in sound and so great emphasis is placed on the microphones, equipment and acoustic spaces that he records in. Using the room and instruments, augmented by the recording equipment, Dan plans and produces the recording based on the idea that songs have a ‘look’ and ‘feel’ to them. This creates a sense of reality and space in his records that many artists aspire to

I always look to record real instruments in real spaces and use microphone selection and positioning to begin to craft the sound we want. I also try to use analogue signal chains as much as possible – partly due to the sound that can be created, but also because there is something quite inspiring about pressing real buttons, turning real dials and knowing that the music is going through a real physical process…
                                                                                                                            Daniel J. Logan 

His 2010 tour playing for Thea Gilmore saw Dan begin as a session drummer/percussionist and he has since played on many records and performed with artists such as Nick Harper, Emily Maguire and Kirsty Almeida live across the UK as well as in New York. Dan’s drum credits include live sessions on BBC Radio 2 and Radio 4, Cropredy Folk festival, Celtic Connections, Sky TV, to mention a few.

When producing,  Dan often also plays guitar, bass and other string instruments. 

‘I love touring with Dan!’
                    Thea Gilmore

As a session musician, producer, mix/recording engineer and sound designer, Dan has worked with all sorts of musicians, producers, engineers, actors and voice artists including:

Thea Gilmore  /  Jackie Trent  /  Emily Maguire  /  Rod Clements (Lindesfarne)  /  Radio Static  /  Jim Kirkpatrick (FM)  /  Ashley Fayth  /  Nick Harper  /  Gary Edward Jones  /  The Chinese State Circus  / Roy Martin  /  Tom Allen  /  Kristy Almeida  /  Nigel Stonier  /  Sam Plank  /  Antony Cotton (Coronation Street)  /  Jon Ranger  /  Sam Hollyman (The Voice:UK)  /  Tamsin Greig  /  Geins Family Giftshop / George Blagden  /  Gandey’s Circus  /  Ellie Dibben  /  Rie Sinclair  /  Tom Doughty  /  Sylvester McCoy   /  Mark Radcliffe  / Heidi Browne  /  Dave Fidler  /  Tom Seals  /  Mike Herron (The Incredible String Band)  / Ed Easton / Chris Drever /  Sam Plank  / Kate Cubley  /  Tuppence Middleton  /  Natasha Hamilton (Atomic Kitten)  / Mundo Jazz  /  The Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra  /  Conleth McGeary  /   Russell Cottier  /  Tim Gallagher (The Voice:UK)  /  Mike Cave  /  Jamster  /  Elfin Bow  /  Scott Ralph  /  Dayve Dean  /  Tom Kitching  /  Sadie Pickering  /  Stuart Stevens  /  Jo O’Meara (S Club 7)  /   Gypsy River  /  Steve Butler (BJH/Cliff Richard)  /  Justin Johnson  /  John Altman (Eastenders)  /  Gandalf’s Fist  /  Warble Entertainment  /  Bill Magill  /  Naomi Campbell  /  Holly Fitzgerald  /  Kellyann Lea